Supporter Spotlight: Eddie’s NAPA Auto Part’s

Eddie’s Napa, located in Historic Downtown Poteau, is a family-owned automotive and specialty tool shop.  It is located on the old highway at 204 South Mckenna. Call (918) 647-3279.

NAPA not only sells automotive parts but also makes hydraulic hoses, repairs A/C hoses and power steering lines. They also have light and heavy duty maintenance tools, plus various chemicals for your vehicle, whether it be to put in your vehicle or on it.

NAPA also carries pressure hose fittings and hoses, left hand drill bits, shovels, and post hole diggers. They are always glad to help check or change your battery, lightbulbs, and they will even change your wiper blades in any kind of weather at no additional charge.

“We have made a lot of friends along the way that we truly care about. There are many like my Dad that have gone on, and we miss greatly, but Thanks to all who have, will or do let us serve your needs.”

Eddie's Napa in Poteau

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A history of Poteau’s NAPA as provided by Ms. Rhonda:

The building was once divided with two businesses.  One side was a laundry and the other a bar, “Black Sheep Bar”.  A man was killed at the bar due to a jealous husband.  Time frame was not clear, maybe 1940’s or 1950’s.  Later on the dividing wall was took out and made into one building.

In the 1970’s, it became a NAPA store with Mr. Schuester being the owner.  Bobby Hall was his employee at the time.  He later became the owner when Mr. Schuester sold.  Mr. Hall then asked Eddie Whitehorn if he would come to work for him.  Eddie accepted and worked for Mr. Hall until he sold.  It was then that Mary and Eddie Whitehorn bought the NAPA store from Mr. Hall in 1991.  It is still owned by Mary although Eddie passed in 2007.  Rhonda Whaldrep began working at NAPA in 1991 as well.  In 2001, Bill Waldrep became an employee.  Rhonda and Bill were married.  So, almost 26 years later it is still family owned and operated by the Whitehorn Family.


Poteau Napa Auto Parts

Poteau Napa Auto Parts

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