Supporter Spotlight: The Angry Mullet

The Angry Mullet: Poteau’s Newest Coffee Shop

Come downtown to visit Poteau’s Newest Coffee Shop!  Defining the Angry Mullet as just a coffee shop may be a simplification of things though.  It can best be described as an uptown, modern destination point set in the heart of historic downtown Poteau.

The Angry Mullet: Business in the front, Party in the back!

The look and feel of The Angry Mullet is unlike anything you’ve experienced in Poteau.  When you walk into the front, you’re immersed in a modern, relaxed environment.

Front Room of the Angry Mullet, Downtown Poteau's Coffee Shop

In the front, they serve crêpes, soups, sandwiches, and, of course, coffee!  Choose from a wide variety of specialty coffees made by some of the most experienced baristas in Poteau.  Never had a crêpe?  Now’s your chance to try one.

If you’re looking for a great place to hang out and watch the game with your friends, head to the party in the back.  The pub has a very cozy feel while at the same time embellishing both modern and historic elements.  The focus is on wines and craft beers.

The Angry Mullet Pub in Downtown Poteau

Plans are in place to open the back patio by summer.  This will be located just behind Poteau’s Bonnie and Clyde Hideaway.

What makes the Angry Mullet special is their attention to detail and healthy lifestyles, while at the same time providing a fun place where you can sit back, relax, and be yourself.

Poteau's Coffe Shop and Pub, The Angry MulletVisit The Angry Mullet

From The Angry Mullet:

Other things we have opted to do: our employees make a fair wage and therefore there is no tip jar – instead we have a donation jar if you want to help us support a local charity. Additionally, our staff receives a share of our sales quarterly – if you’re happy and return then our sales increase and our staff benefits – we’re hoping to create a full-circle environment benefiting everyone.

Also, we are trying to do our part for our environment. We’ve teamed with the Choctaw Nation so that we are able to have a smaller imprint in our local landfill. Plus we hope to work with the community garden (adjacent to the old library) in 2017 so that our produce scraps can be turned into compost for them.

Lastly, we’re in the beginning stages of working with a local farmer to purchase fresh produce during the spring and summer.  Not only should our food taste better and fresher, but it’s keeping the money closer to home.

We still have a long way to go and we certainly want to hear from you if you feel we’re missing something – but just know, we really want to be a place you’re proud of and that you want to visit us and bring your friends by just to sit back and catch up.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve you.

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