December 15, 2016

Getting Around

Walking, biking, or driving, it’s easy to get around in Downtown Poteau!

Parking Downtown

While there is plenty of free, on-street parking, we recommend using one of the parking areas designated for public use. The three largest include the area surrounding City Hall, the lot in front of Dollar General, and the lot behind Warehouse Willy’s.


In 2015, Downtown Poteau’s sidewalks were upgraded, making downtown a comfortable place to take a leisurely stroll.  There is a pass-through from the Dollar General parking lot to Dewey under Dewey Plaza, making it easy to access the many shops along Dewey Ave.  The lot behind Warehouse Willy’s is currently undergoing renovations  with a strong eye towards making it more pedestrian friendly.  The area around City Hall is well lit and offers a comfortable walk to the main shopping district.

The downtown Poteau residential district is the only area in town that features full sidewalks.


The majority of the bike routes in Poteau connect with Downtown.  There are two bike racks located downtown; one is located in the Town Square (Pocket Park) and the other is located behind 418 Dewey Ave (previously the Community Garden).